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Dedicated to helping students become safe and responsible decision-makers while driving.

About Us

Baron Education is a milestone education company whose mission is to prepare students for their future and help them achieve their greatest potential. We care about our students, we believe in them, and we work tirelessly to ensure their success.


The company started in 2008 with three DriveSafe Driving School locations and quickly became the largest driving school in the state of Colorado. Now, with nine locations throughout the Denver area, DriveSafe annually teaches thousands of teens and adults to drive. Baron Education also includes CollegeDrive, a rapidly growing test prep, tutoring and college consulting division, beDrivingAmerica, an online drivers education division, beLearning.Education , a learning management services division.


Our team members are hired based on their skills and interests, and they all go through a rigorous training program. The one trait we can't teach but is absolutely essential to working at Baron Education is the true enjoyment of working with teens and helping them develop and succeed.


Meet the Owner

Ben Baron, President of Baron Education

Ben Baron, President of Baron Education, has spent his entire career working with students and helping them achieve their goals. Ben received his MBA from Harvard Business School and then spent three years as Harvard's Assistant Director of MBA Admissions. For fifteen years he served as a senior executive at one of the nation's largest education companies. A frequent speaker on education topics, Ben has appeared on radio and television, including the Today show.

"There's not a single career that I could possibly find more rewarding than helping our students unlock the enormous potential that is inside each and every one of them."